With Print Media PSA's

How do you get us into local newspapers?

Your fundraising support team provides you with an excellent print media PSA's to promote your campaign.

We provide you with a custom PSA that you can send to local media outlets to announce your fundraiser to the world.
Public service announcement graphic

With Web Ready Sales Widgets

How do we engage visitors to our website?

Fundraiser packages include sales widgets and links for use on websites, in emails, newsletters, and social media posts. The sales widgets are clean, simple, and straightforward. Within each sales widget, we embed code that ensures each person that clicks on your widget is properly credited to your fundraising account.

CPR Fundraising Sales Widget

Promotional Emails

What's one of the fastest ways to get going?

Being able to reach out to friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues is extremely easy with CPR Fundraising.com. We had professional designers layout excellent HTML email templates for you to send with minimal effort. Or, your volunteers can choose to craft an email to their friends, family, and colleagues promoting the fundraiser and asking for their support.

Your custom templates will have everything about your group and fundraising campaign. This includes your logo, if applicable, fundraiser dates, photos, and videos, (If you have them, they make a significant increase in your engagement rates), and links with your fundraising campaign's code that will allow participants to join right away.
Email graphic

Professional and Clean!

What are the collateral materials like?

First impressions are critical to a successful fundraising campaign. We've spent time and treasure designing professional print-ready materials that we customize for your campaign.

Your campaign fundraiser's package will contain digital files of all the materials we have available to ensure you look great!

Materials include flyer templates, business card templates, and a full presentation deck outlining and explaining what CPR fundraising is.
Fundraising flyer graphic

With Volunteer Training

How will our volunteers know what to do?

To ensure your volunteers are comfortable and well oriented to the online campaign, we have professionally designed training materials to describe how the program works, answering contributor questions, and how to promote the campaign to drive success!

Your volunteers are taking time from their busy schedules to help with the fundraising campaign. The last thing you want is for people to feel confused or frustrated.

Our training materials include guided videos, print materials, and an extensive FAQ section to address most of the questions they may be asked about the campaign.
Volunteers graphic

Professional Press Releases

Getting the Word Out!

CPR Fundraising utilizes professionally written copy to promote the campaign. The Social Media Team will get your press releases submitted to outlets throughout your local area. Please note that some conditions may apply.

Getting your fundraising campaign information out to all forms of print media increases the odds that it will be picked up and published in the local paper.
Press release graphic

With a Social Media Team

How do we spread your campaign to a global audience?

Social media is clearly a game-changer when it comes to increasing your campaign's reach. Your fundraising team works to promote your campaign through social media platforms.

Members of your group can use the social media ready, professionally designed graphics, to post to personal social media accounts.

Don't worry, we don't access your accounts, we promote the campaign, externally to your group. The personal social media accounts remain private.

When someone wants to support your campaign, they click the link in the social media posts and are taken to a registration page, with your campaign's codes embedded in the link, to ensure your campaign receives the credit.
Social media team graphic

It's up to you...

How long can we run our campaign?

One of the more frequent questions we receive is, "How long can we run our fundraising campaign?". The short answer is that it's completely up to you.

Most fundraising groups prefer a set period of time, for example, they'll run their campaign for three months. You can go shorter or longer if you like. Some groups like to run the main campaign for a set time period and then leave all of the fundraising links on their websites to attract future registrations throughout the year.

Or, run it for a specified period of time and then fire it back up again the following year with a group of contributors who supported your campaign the previous year and whose training certification requires renewal. It's your call.
How long can we run our fundraiser graphic

Your Fundraising Support Team

As your fundraising partner, we give you access to a dedicated support team

Driving fundraising success gets more people trained in CPR and raises more money for your cause! We give you access to a fundraising support team to help answer questions, support your volunteers and participants alike.

Your Fundraising Support Team is email-based. Simply send them an email explaining what you need assistance with and we'll get you the help you need, that's it, no fuss.
Fundraising support team graphic

Professional Broadcast PSA's

How do you get the word out?

Driving CPR training and campaign revenues are things we take seriously. Part of how we go about this is with the use of Broadcast Public Service Announcements (PSA's), specifically, television and radio promotions.

CPR Fundraising produces professionally recorded, broadcast-quality public service announcements to promote your campaign. You can submit our PSA's to your local radio and television stations.

The PSA files are included in your fundraiser package. You can send the PSA and collateral material explaining your fundraising program to radio stations throughout the area to promote your campaign.

Your Social Media Team will also work to help get these materials distributed via online outlets as well.
Broadcast PSA Graphic

With Tribute Videos

How can we say thank you to our contributors for their support?

Studies have shown that fundraising contributors who feel appreciated by the fundraising group are far more likely to support their cause during their next round of fundraising.

Our Concierge Team coordinates the production and development of your custom thank you video for distribution to your contributors. At the conclusion of your fundraising campaign, or at milestone dates, for evergreen campaigns, we work with your and your volunteers to record short thank you videos that are all edited together to make an incredibly touching and unique way to say thank you for the support.

Our Concierge Team will coordinate the production and give gentle reminders to those volunteers who haven't gotten their videos in yet, to ensure the video goes out on time.
Tribute video graphic

Say it With Schwag!

How can we help continue to get the word out?

We take fundraiser support to a whole new level! Promote your fundraiser and CPR training with custom schwag. Supply your artwork or promotional text and tell us which merchandise you’re interested in. We take care of the rest. Once your schwag is ready, it will be added to our site for sale but more importantly, it can be embedded in your fundraising emails, website, and more. We handle order processing, printing, and shipping. There’s nothing for you or your volunteers to handle or deliver. Simple, right? We think so!

This is also a great way for your volunteers to get decked-out in fundraiser gear to support your fundraising program.

Our Commitment to You

What are some things to know about our support service?

  • Dedicated support is just an email away

  • Our support is always FREE!

  • When you do well, we do well. That's the power of partnership

  • It takes 7-10 days to get your fundraising details customized and sent to you

  • New recognition program allows you to say thanks to your volunteers

  • Personal information is NEVER sold or used for any other purpose

  • Your fundraising coordinator has access to your campaign proceeds dashboard to see how much has been raised and how much has been paid

  • Continued development of additional training programs includes first aid, advanced wilderness and remote first aid and pet first aid to drive participant engagement

  • Our KIDS TRAIN FREE! program is coming soon. This program teaches kids these valuable skills and we offer it to them for free!

Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • Extensive Support

    We partner with our fundraising groups to help drive the best campaign results possible. Our support teams help take the heavy lifting out of some of your fundraising efforts.

  • Professionally Designed Materials

    When asking for donations to your campaign, you are sure to drive greater results with clean, well-designed collateral materials. If potential campaign contributors get the slightest uneasy feeling about a fundraising campaign, they are less likely to support it.

  • No Charge!

    We deliver all of our support to you free of charge! We get it when it comes to raising funds. Make it easy, simple, fast, effective, and CHEAP!


  • Do we need to provide a credit card for any reason? Are there any fees?

    You will never be asked to provide a credit card or other form of deposit to set-up or run your fundraising campaign.

    Any recognition program you choose to participate in will have the gift, sales tax, and postage charges deducted from your final fundraising proceeds.

    For example, your group decides it wants to spend $200 on gift cards, in various denominations, to be mailed to your top three volunteers with personalized thank you cards.

    The cost of these voluntary recognition gifts would come from your fundraising proceeds at the conclusion of your fundraiser. Recognition items are generally shipped within two-days of you notifying us as to who you would like to receive the recognition items.

  • Is there any charge for training materials?

    No! Our training materials are provided at no charge.

  • Do we have to arrange a time for volunteers to meet?

    We provide training materials that explain everything a volunteer needs to know about the fundraising campaign.

    Now, each fundraising campaign is a little different. They may have plans to do local fundraiser promotions outside a store or other event that may require your volunteers to come together.

    But, CPR Fundraising has taken as many steps as possible to eliminate the need for folks to come together.

  • Is there ever anything to deliver?

    We do not have anything that requires delivery by you or your volunteers. Any recognition or reward gifts/cards are automatically processed and mailed out on our end.

    Completion certificates are available for immediate download and certification wallet cards are mailed out within 7-10 days.

  • Do you offer recognition or rewards?

    Yes. We offer a wide variety of gift cards, in various denominations, and a large selection of gourmet food items as well.

    You tell us who you want to receive the recognition, their mailing address, what they are receiving the gift for, and what you would like to gift them. Our team takes care of everything else.

  • Do you track the fundraising tallies by person?

    No. Our system is designed to track the total contributions for the campaign. We do not offer the ability to track by the person.