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It takes coordination, information, gentle reminders, and motivation to help keep successful fundraising campaigns driving towards the finish line ahead of their fundraising goals. Receiving emails and text messaging also helps participants by providing regular training reminders.

CPR skills perish over time. Keep them fresh so that if that fateful day comes and you are called on to help, you'll be confident that you know how to help and how to do so safely.

Communication could include...

  • Fundraising campaign updates for campaign volunteers.

  • Training and campaign promotion content and materials.

  • Important information related to deadlines and information required for campaign management.

  • Volunteer thank you video project information. Don't forget to tell those participants thank you!

  • Training welcome messages for fundraiser participants completing training.

  • Training course progress reminder communications to ensure participants complete their training.

  • Training completion communications to provide a pat on the back, additional resources and merchandise.

  • Fundraising campaign communications appealing for participant support to help spread the fundraising campaign to their contacts and across their social media channels.

  • Regular training review videos. Keeping your skills current throughout the year in less than a minute.

  • Promotional information and merchandise offers.

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