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Participants will learn how to provide care for Adults, Children and Infants

    1. Welcome to the CPR Fundraising Adult, Child & Infant CPR Mini-Course

    1. Welcome to CPR Fundraising!

    1. Welcome to the CPR Fundraising Mini-Course!

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin, a quick survey...

    1. Responding to Emergencies

    2. Instructor's Thoughts

    3. Knowledge Check - Before Providing Care

    4. Conscious Choking - Adults and Children

    5. Instructor's Thoughts

    6. Conscious Choking - Infants

    7. What Does a Medical Emergency Look Like in Real Life?

    8. What Does a Medical Emergency Look Like in Real Life?

    9. Instructor's Thoughts

    10. Final Training Certification Quiz

About this course

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  • 15 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

What's the difference between bystander level training and more advanced trainings?

We Only Deliver Bystander CPR Related Training

There are a number of different employer and regulatory agency training requirements. CPR Fundraising only delivers Bystander level training. This means we've tailored our training programs to focus specifically on people who have no occupational requirement to maintain higher levels of training.

For example, medical professionals require professional rescuer level training. Some licensed child care providers require additional training content not found in Bystander level training. Normal, non-medical / care provider level employers gladly accept Bystander training.

Please ensure that you do not have a requirement for training greater than Bystander level. Our training is really focused on parents, grandparents, and anyone who wants to learn these life-saving skills.

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I'm interested in taking a short tour

We want folks who are thinking about participating in or running their own CPR Fundraising campaigns to have the opportunity to experience a few short modules from one of our courses, free of charge.

This is a course demo, no actual certificate of completion is issued, just a sample certificate. However, you get to experience the look and feel of the course player, modules, lessons, and knowledge check quizzes.
Woman helping a man on the ground

Oh God, what do I do?

Dad, what's wrong?

Heaven forbid the worst day of someone's life comes and you don't know what to do! Take a little time out of your busy schedule to participate in this fundraising campaign! Be the hero in someone's story, learn CPR today!
Man on cell phone calling 911

A Special Recognition Program

Saying Thank You to Special Volunteers & Contributors

Why CPR Fundraising?

Here are a few of the many reasons to choose us for your fundraising needs

  • Low training costs drive increased fundraising revenue

  • Participants enjoy unlimited access to online training accounts for a full year

  • Online training increases the reach of your fundraiser worldwide!

  • There is never anything to pick-up, handout or deliver!

  • Tracking codes ensure your fundraiser gets full credit for every registration

  • Certificates of completion are available for download at the conclusion of training

  • Courses can be stopped, started and resumed as schedules permit

  • Training is compliant with the 2020 Emergency Cardiac Care Guidelines

  • There is no frustration associated with coordinating volunteers

  • COMING SOON! Free training for children between 10 -17. Wilderness and Remote Advanced First Aid training and Pet First Aid!

So, what's the split?

Fundraising Proceeds Share

CPR Fundraising splits the fundraising proceeds with our fundraisers at a 50/50 rate or better. This allows your group to reach it's fundraising goals much faster.

With CPR Fundraising helping with so much of the grunt work associated with fundraising, this results in reduced fundraising expenses and better fundraising results.
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Countdown to Medical Emergency...

Life doesn't work like this folks. Learn CPR today!

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Here are a few of our most commonly received questions

  • Are fundraising groups required to meet any type of minimums?

    Nope. From 1 to 1,000,000, it's completely under your control.

  • Are fundraising groups required to provide a credit card or any other type of pre-payment?

    Nope. Your fundraiser can be set-up, started, and run without any credit cards, deposits, or pre-payments.

  • How are fundraising revenues paid out?

    You tell us how long you would like your fundraiser to run. At the conclusion of your campaign, we process an online payment to a pre-designated PayPal account. You receive your funds immediately.

  • How long are CPR certifications valid for?

    All certifications are valid for one-year from the date the training has been concluded.

  • When are certificates of completion available to participants?

    Certificates of completion are available to participants immediately upon completion of their training. Participants can download, save, and print their certificates on the spot whether they're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Are certification wallet cards included?

    An upgrade to a training course is available for participants to receive a wallet-sized card. Since our instructors must physically complete and sign each card, there is a minor cost to receive a card via the U.S. Mail. Participants can select the fundraiser course that includes the wallet card upgrade. Cards are generally received in roughly seven-days from the completion of their course.

  • What if a participant needs a copy of their certificate of completion?

    Each participant has access to their online account for a full year. Within their account, participants can re-print certificates, review past training and expiration dates, review receipts, and update their payment and account information.

  • How long are fundraising campaigns required to be?

    It's really up to you. Set it for one-week or make it an evergreen, (Continuously running) campaign, it's completely up to you. This is something your fundraiser success manager with work with you to define.

  • What is the fundraising split?

    CPR Fundraising is currently splitting revenue 50/50 with our fundraising partners.

Bonus Learning Content

We take learning to the next level!

  • Bonus Training

    In addition to receiving access to online training for the duration of their certification period, participants receive one-minute skills refresher videos delivered straight to their inboxes throughout the year. These videos are designed and produced to serve as a support to the participant's memory, ensuring they maintain a strong recollection as to how to help in a medical emergency. With a link back to the relevant section in the course included in each video, participants can return anytime to brush-up as needed.

  • Save Money

    In addition to 365 days of unlimited course access to maintain skills, CPR Fundraising also provides participants with the ability to save money on future training re-certifications. We believe so strongly in the power of CPR training that we're willing to deliver it to our participants at a substantial saving. This helps ensure we can train as many first responders as possible. The more folks that receive training means the more first responders available to step-in during a medical emergency. Discounts also apply to our emergency product offerings as well.

  • FREE Training Materials

    CPR Fundraising participants receive free emergency skill sheets that can be printed and posted on refrigerators, in common workplace areas such as bulletin boards or in a wallet or purse. This ensures that you always have access to the emergency skills sheets as a quick reference. Our corporate participants provide these materials to their employees and deliver short training programs, based on our refresher videos, through their facility safety and health committees.